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Toasted Sun Butter

When your kids' school is nut-free and your kids love nut butter, what else is a mother left to do but make something up. Actually, when

I worked as a private chef, I had to make up all kinds of things to fit the needs of my clients. This happens to be one of yummier ones (next to the homemade nutella, but that's got nuts). Treat this like any nut-butter and spread or dip away!

Makes 600g or 21 ounces

You’ll need:


3 C hulled sunflower seeds

2 T unsalted pumpkin seeds

1T ground flaxseeds

1 T chia seeds, ground

1-2 T coconut sugar

½ t ground cinnamon

¼ t (heaping) Himalayan salt

2 T coconut butter (optional)*


To make:

Preheat oven to 350°F/180°C.


  1. Spread the sunflower and pumpkin seeds on a parchment lined baking sheet in an even layer and toast the seeds for 15-20 minutes. At the 8-10 minute mark, stir the seeds and resettle them in an even layer. Watch them for the last few minutes to make sure they don’t burn. They’re done when they’re golden brown and smell like toasty deliciousness.

  2. Put the roasted seeds in a food processor (fitted with S blade) and begin the process. The whole thing from seeds to creamy deliciousness can take from 10-15 minutes. First, it will be a powdery mess that looks like it will never turn to creaminess. It will, I promise! Scrape down the sides as needed.

  3. Once it starts to get a bit more packed, add the remaining ingredients and keep processing. You’ll go from the packed stage to where it looks like a ball and then magically you’ll get to creaminess in no time.

  4. Store in small mason jars with air-tight lids. They’ll keep in the fridge for 3-4 weeks and possibly longer.

  5. Enjoy with apples, crispy bread, crackers, or off the spoon!


*The coconut butter isn’t essential for the creaminess. I just added it for the fat and other health and flavor benefits.

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