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Image by Sarah Gualtieri

Image by Sarah Gualtieri at Unsplash

I know what you're beans take forever to cook! Well, yes and no. If you have a pressure cooker, these are super easy to make. If not, then you just need time...or a BPA-free can of black beans.

This recipe will yield 4 quesadillas. (The recipe can easily be doubled also.)

You'll need:

For the beans:

2 C cooked black beans (see notes on cooking*)

3 T olive oil

1 yellow onion, diced (about 1C worth)

2 cloves garlic, minced

I red bell pepper, diced

1-2t sea salt or Himalayan salt

1 t ground cumin

1/2 t ground coriander

1/2 t ground turmeric


For the quesadillas:

Tortilla wraps (gluten-free options are great too)

1 C Cheddar cheese, grated, divided (or dairy-free cheese)

4 t butter or olive oil (if dairy free)

As for toppings, the sky is the limit here. Corn is always a winner, but so is brown rice, avocado, chicken, broccoli, cooked or raw bell peppers. You get it. Just keep it colorful!

To make:

1. Heat oil in a small skillet over medium to high heat.

2. Add onions and let cook for about 5 minutes, stirring often.

3. Add garlic and bell pepper as well as salt and spices. Stir and let cook until soft and translucent.

4. Add cooked black beans and 1/2 C water (or stock if you have it) and let simmer together for 10 minutes.

5. When most of the liquid has been absorbed, remove from heat. You can partially mash the bean mixture for a creamier taste (and helps keep runaway beans tucked safely in their tortillas) or leave them whole. 

6. In a skillet over medium heat, add 1 t of the butter or oil and place a tortilla on top. On the top half add the bean mixture and any toppings, saving the cheese for last. Fold over the tortilla to make a half-moon and press gently so the mixings come together. Once it's a bit melted, you can flip over the tortilla to brown for a couple of minutes on the other side.

7. Cut the half-moon into quarters and divvy up into lunch boxes or enjoy for dinner. 

8. Enjoy!

*A note on cooking beans: No surprise here but I prefer soaking dried beans (overnight) and cooking them. With our new pressure cooker, this is now super easy. I add a bit of kombu, a quartered onion, and 2 cloves of garlic to the pot and let it pressure cook away. I would do the same stove-top, but it will take longer...anywhere from 45min-90min depending on how old the beans are. But believe me when I tell you that they're worth the wait ;)  


P.S. This is a great one to double up on and freeze! Next week's lunch is sorted...well, one day is anyway ;) 

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