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Image by Joanna Kosinska


Personalized Nutrition is practiced with YOU in mind. Each of us has our own unique life and health story. Therefore, your nutrition should be as unique as you are. Together, we will find solutions that work for you and will bring you greater health and vitality. 

Sound good?

I think so, too. 

Through our sessions, we will work together to address your unique circumstances and we will find solutions that will serve you where you are now. This may include a medical diagnosis you just received or one you've been living with. It may just be a need or want to change your diet. 

Most disease and unwellness stems from imbalance and inflammation. This manifests itself in many unique ways. While I have worked with many health issues ranging from Hashimoto's thyroiditis to metabolic syndrome to anxiety and depression to cancer, we usually end up in the territory of balancing the gut and reducing inflammation. There are many paths to achieve this and this is where your personal story plays a role. 

We start by owning our story and how we got where we are, without judgment. We then begin the work of restoring mental, emotional, and physical health.

YOU are at the center of your healing plan. 

If you're ready to get to work or have questions about what that looks like, reach out to me via email at or through the contact form.

Let's get to work!

*All of the interventions, whether in diet, supplement, or lifestyle recommendations are evidence-based, with a functional and integrative perspective. 

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