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"We loved the story and the cute illustrations. Winner for the whole family! We can't wait to see what red foods Anise comes up with!"


"I read this book to my 2 nieces and they went crazy over this book. At first they were cringing their noses at the green food but by the time we got to the recipes they were jumping for joy. The book had them hooked from the very first page. The words and illustrations bring to life the joy in nutritious eating and the importance of engaging our kids in the kitchen at an early age. More Anise, please!"


"Both of my children LOVE the story. My 5yo daughter was so excited to hear the story of a little girl who dreams of becoming a chef and my son was excited to listen to all of the different green foods that she uses in the recipes. There are several recipes included from the story - we can't wait to try them out - especially the "Cricket Cupcakes." Many of the recipes are Gluten Free, Vegan, and/or Vegetarian."

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