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The food and health education program consists of private and group cooking classes as well as workshops at schools. Both the cooking classes and workshops are designed to harness kids' (of all ages) curiosity and create a strong foundation for their future health. Through a wide range of cooking classes and workshops, the aim is to build life-long skills, so your kids can learn how to prepare healthy, delicious, sustainable whole-food meals that ensure they thrive in their environment whether they're still home or off to university. 

(P.S. Cooking classes for adults are also available.) 



Cooking Classes - Kids

Harnessing the natural curiosity kids possess is where we begin with all of the kids' cooking classes. We focus on colorful WHOLE foods and often start with Food ID then move into knife skills, measuring, gaining confidence with different cooking techniques, experimenting with flavor, and learning that sometimes our experiments don't come out as planned. It's all part of the cooking process.


Cooking Classes - Teens

In the Teens' Cooking Classes, the focus is on empowering them with knowledge and skills about whole foods that will nourish them as they eventually move out of their parents' home and out into the world. We cover the basics of cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, and also cover the nutrients their still-developing brains and systems need to thrive. Emphasis is also placed on all this being possible on a budget and with limited resources (as may be found in college dorms).

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Workshops - Schools

School workshops are a great way to introduce food and cooking to a large group. Whether we focus on food, cooking, or health, students are engaged and their curiosity is heightened. The workshops usually complement a theme at school such as Healthy Food Week, Mental Health Awareness, Enterprise and Innovation, etc. 


Workshops - Parents

Parents need motivation, guidance, ideas, and inspiration when it comes to nourishing our often opinionated eaters. In these workshops, we come together and learn how to build nourishing meals, whether they're for the lunchbox or the dinner table. We learn how to "market" these meals to our kids and we learn how to make changes so our families can be happier and healthier. We do this together in community. 

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