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This is the first time I attempt a photographic approach to a recipe. I'm not sure I can get away with too many of

these but this one is simple enough. Still, see the recipe below and the photos to follow.

You'll need:

1 head of green cabbage (about 2-3 pounds/1-1.5kg)

2-3 T of sea salt or Himalayan salt or kosher salt

To make:

1. Start with the head of cabbage (just following the pictures)

2. Shred the cabbage finely in a food processor.

3. Transfer to a large bowl and add 2-3 T of salt (depends on how big your cabbage is)

4. Knead and squeeze the cabbage until it's wilted and the juices are drawn out.

5. Take a moment to be amazed by this!

6. Transfer to a jar (Mason jar or Fido jar) and press the cabbage down so it is submerged in its own liquid.

7. Prepare your weight (I filled a smaller jar with lima beans, but most anything will work)

8. Place the weight on top of the cabbage. Cover the top with a cloth and secure with twine or a rubber band.


Let the sauerkraut sit like this for at least 3-4 days before you taste it. It should taste like sauerkraut already but the longer you leave it, the stronger (and more delicious) the flavor will be. When it's ready, transfer your jar of goodness to the fridge. Enjoy repeatedly!

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