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The Enlightened Za’atar Omelet

Makes 1 Omelet

You’ll need:

2-3 pastured eggs (free-range, organic, those labels will work, too)

1 t pastured butter

1-2 T Bulgarian Feta (Any feta will do, but Bulgarian Feta is particularly nice.)

1/2 t za’atar

1 t fresh parsley, finely cut

Optional add-ins are: caramelized shallots, sauteéd shiitake mushrooms, sauteéd greens

To make:

1.  Crack the eggs gently in a bowl and beat gently with a fork.  You want to just incorporate the yolks and the whites, you’re not looking for frothy and bubbly over-mixed eggs.

2.  Over medium heat, add butter to a cast iron skillet and let it melt completely before adding the eggs.

3.  With spatula in hand, watch as the eggs begin to cook.  As they solidify around the skillet, scrape the edges back towards the center to allow more eggs (the liquid eggs still on top) to spill over and cook.  Repeat until it’s mostly cooked, but still semi-liquidy.  Here is when you add your feta, za’atar and any add-ins if you’re doing so.

4.  As soon as you do this, with your spatula, flip one side over the other.  This is the American omelet.  (The French omelet takes 2 folds.)  It should be done in a few seconds.

    You don’t want the omelet to brown at all, or not too much anyway.


Serve and enjoy immediately!

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