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Tahini Miso Dip

As a mom, I’m always searching for another goody to whip up in the kitchen that just may WOW my toddler. She’s a good eater most of the time, and I am certainly grateful for that. Still, igood to keep pushing the envelope, expanding gastronomic horizons, and educating the palate.

I’m also doing a 4-week detox at the moment and miso, while solely my addition to this type of detox, plays a big role in my diet. Having spent 3 years living in Japan, I’ve come to LOVE miso soup in all its variations and for every meal of the day. Breakfast, too. But, it’s so nice when it pops up in a place you least expect it.

A.G., a peer in culinary school, first introduced this to me when I was doing all kinds of experiments with my diet. It’s expanded and grown over the years, but this time I’ve kept it simple, for those still tender and emerging tastebuds that can so easily be put off (seemingly) forever!

Why miso?

The simple answer is that it’s a true super food. The details are as follows:

  • Miso is a fermented paste of soybeans, rice, barley or other grain and a koji inoculant.

  • Fermented means that is a probiotic.

  • Probiotic = bacteria. The good bacteria that create a lustrous environment of strong cells to ward off the not-friendly bacteria. It’s the immune boosting bacteria that also settles your digestive system. And, it also makes you happy. Seriously.

  • Miso is a known anti-carcinogen and is also known to reduce the effects of radiation and environmental toxins. (Next time you’re going for x-rays, eat miso before and afterwards. Help your body out!)

In this recipe it’s used completely raw, but when you’re cooking with miso, you want to make sure you don’t COOK the miso. Heating miso kills all of its incredible healing properties. So, if you’re making soup for example, add a bit of the water/stock to a small bowl and dissolve the miso in it before adding it to the pot. Make sure the stove is off and just stir it in. It’ll work it’s magic, in flavor and healing, on its own.

To be honest, my little one doesn’t love this just yet, but I know it’s totally up her alley. All she has to do is try it!

You’ll need:

1/4 C organic tahini

2 t yellow or red miso (depending on your preferences…I used red miso.)

2 T fresh squeezed lime juice (or lemons)

1/2 t lime zest (or lemon)

2-3 T water (you could need more depending on the consistency you’re looking for)

To make:

Stir all ingredients together except for the water. Then, add the water in a slow drizzle to achieve the level of consistency you’re happiest with. If it’s a bit too tart, you can add a little drizzle of honey or maple syrup to even it out.

Enjoy and smile :)

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