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Nutrition and Nourishment

I’ve been looking forward to writing the first blog post on the new site. I’d planned all kinds of posts, but my summer semester has started and my first course happens to be, Redefining Nutrition. I’d been pretty steeped in science (and will be again as my second course this term is macronutrients) so this class is a welcome break.

The science is important (and I enjoy it). Especially in this day and age where so much science is being refuted and outright denied, we need to fight for science and use it, to find answers and yet even more questions. It’s how we understand how our world works and how our bodies work. How what we eat interacts with every single one of our cells. However, there is always the need for balance in any system and we don’t only live in a scientific world. There is knowing that arises from within, no hypothesis necessary. There are miracles and amazing yet inexplicable strength to endure. There is hope and there is love.

These to me are the worlds of nutrients and of nourishment. We need them both to feel and be at our best in our health and wellness. Favoring one over the other will tip the balance, not in our favor, and if this off-balance is maintained, this is where ill-health and disease begin to take root. There is no doubt about that.

Most of the time though, we are bombarded with the scientific side of eating. We are constantly faced with fat content, sugar content, Omega 3s and Vitamins this and that, calorie counting, food pyramids, shoulds and should-nots. We are barely confronted with the foods themselves or even asked about the things that nourish us. Things like who cooks for us, who do we eat with and where? What do we eat and how?

I chose to go to culinary school before graduate school because I needed to learn about nourishment. That's what I would like to bring to you through this blog and when I teach. I would like for YOU to feel empowered enough, knowledgeable and skilled enough to listen well to what your body needs. So that you can derive nourishment from where you need it. Yes, of course I will likely talk nutrients with you, the science of food inspires me as much as the art does, but it’s when those two worlds intersect that the magic happens. It’s also both those worlds that spark the curiosity of children, that get them cooking and trying new foods. This month I’m including a super-easy comfort food of sorts. Polenta Fries are a favorite in our house. They’re great to share and great to dip into a bowl of lentils or on their own into the aioli in the recipe. They’re a great and nutritious change from straight-up fries, too. Just make sure your polenta is GMO-free. I’d also like to remind you about the Red Recipe Contest. Click here for more information. The poster states a June 1 deadline, but I have received many requests for an extension because well, school. And, since I can absolutely relate, I feel like I just can't say no. So, you'll have one more month to cook and experiment and get those recipes in. I already have some I'm waiting to test! Please feel free to drop me a line hello, or ask questions or give feedback. I love hearing from you and communication builds community! In good health, Nathalie

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